New England Fly & Light Tackle SportFishing

A Recipe For Success

The Boat

New for 2020, we have bumped up to a 25' SeaCraft center console with twin Honda Power. This boat is an open platform fishing machine for both inshore and offshore applications. We are just as mobile, agile, and fast as my old Mako but with considerably larger size, capacity, and range. The SeaCraft ride and sea worthiness needs no introduction and we are refitting with Simrad electronics(GPS, Radar, Sounders) with seamless integration from my old Lowrance systems. 

My Approach - Method to the Madness

The MEGABITE can be easily trailered to where the best fishing is. My key areas of focus include Boston Harbor, Mystic, CT, Gloucester, MA. and lower Cape Cod. Depending on the time of year and what's happening within particular fisheries dictates where my fishing is focused. Clients who fish with me understand the dynamic nature of our fisheries and why being mobile is a huge advantage towards being consistently successful. The MEGABITE is small enough yet big enough to hit all  the inshore fisheries in New England and what I call the "Near Offshore" fishing for groundfish, Bluefin tuna, and sharks WHEN conditions are favorable. Being flexible and adapting to a constantly changing game is a key to success. I Like to catch fish on fly and light tackle but also fish live baits, troll, jig, and bottom fish depending on what we are doing on any given day. I am serious about fishing and we fish hard, fish smart, and fish safely.

There is no mate on any of my trips and I will serve as captain and mate attending to your needs and fishing.

Comfort - Clients fishing with me enjoy fishing in open center console boats. Space is limited as are facilities while on-board. Please bring only what is needed as there is limited storage space. My departure sites whether they be a boat launch or boatyard all have bathroom facilities.If you have something else in mind regarding other boats or charters in the area please feel free to ask. We want you to be happy whether fishing on my boat or another.

What is Provided

Ice and cold drinks including water and Gatorade are provided for hydration. You are welcome to bring lunches, snacks, and any other beverages. Beer and wine is acceptable in moderation and best saved for the ride back home. Please do not arrive hung-over or under the influence at the start of a trip and obviously illegal substances are not acceptable or tolerated on-board my boat.

We encourage catch and release but will certainly keep what we are legally allowed if anglers want fish for the grill or fryer. The captain will filet your catch as a courtesy. Please keep a cooler with ice in your car for transporting back home. Personal coolers will not be brought on-board as space is limited. Customers are welcome to use the on-board coolers for storing drinks and food.

General Tackle Guidelines

All tackle is provided whether we are fly and light tackle fishing, bottom fishing, or live lining. Anglers are of course welcome to bring their own gear suitable to the fishing we are doing on any given day. What I provide... All A-Game gear including.. FinNor, Quantum. Power Pro, Suffix, Seagar, Owner, Mustad.... Sage fly rods....  RIO fly lines ... etc. There are 16 rod holders on board not including under gunnel storage. I also have pvc tubes mounted on the T-Top for sleeving of fly rods while running.Fly Gear - 8-10 weight fast action outfits with WF floating, intermediate, and fast sink lines. Flies may include variations of clousers, deceivers, bonito bunnies, epoxy flies, squid flies, bunker imitations. Basically matching the hatch with narrow profile flies for the hard tails and larger bodied flies for bass and blues. Wire trace recommended if we are into blues.

Spin Gear - variety of tackle here. lighter outfits for hardtails, school bass, and blues (10-17lb gear). For casting larger plugs, slug-gos, ronz's, and bait fishing with live eels or bunker heavier outfits (20-30 lb gear) 7 ft rods

Bottom gear - for fluke and sea-bass light gear is fun as long as we can tend bottom per wind and tide. (10 - 30lb gear) fishing jigs, sinkers, and rigs from 3-10 oz again pending on drift. Cod and Haddock gear is a bit heavier with high speed reels recommended loaded with 50-80 lb braid for fishing vike, butterfly, and knife jigs anywhere from 6-14oz or more pending depth and drift. Shorter modern jigging rods make for more comfortable fishing and should match reels and line ratings.

Tuna Gear - School tuna - trolling (30's and 50's standup). Spin/Pop (large reels with strong drag capable of holding 400 yrds of 65-80lb braid. Jig Gear (strong reels with smooth drags again capable of  holding 400 yds of 65-80lb braid on suitable jig rods rated for 100-200 lbs.

Large school and giant tuna - can be done on 50 wides if the reels are loaded properly but more typically 80's or 130's on bent butt rods geared for defeating the strongest fish that swim in our waters.

Seasonality of the fish we target can be be found on our locations page


All USCG required emergency and safety gear is on-board. The MEGABITE is outfitted with two Lowrance GPS units, depth sounders, two VHF radios, and two marine batteries to support our electronics.

Mode of Operation- My MO is as follows. Be Safe, Have Fun, and then Catch Fish. We always operate with safety as our #1 consideration and priority.

What to Bring

If you do have personal tackle you want to fish with please bring it. If you are fly fishing and prefer a stripping basket please bring it. Hat, polarized sunglasses, sun block, food and beverages, camera, clothing and appropriate non-marking foot-ware suitable for center console fishing is appreciated. If you have any medical conditions and/or medications that are required please notify the captain at the start of the trip. 


  • Sun Protection
  • Sun Glasses
  • Hat
  • Appropriate Clothing and non marking footware
  • Camera
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Positive Attitude

Weather, Reschedules, Cancellations

The captain reserves the right to reschedule or cancel trips due to weather and safety at any time up to and during a trip. We will attempt to reschedule but if not possible a full refund will be provided. We do require a 7 day notice for client cancellations for deposit returns (cancellations within 7 days of a scheduled trip will forfeit the deposit). The captain will contact the client the day prior to the trip to finalize plans and answer questions.If you need to reschedule a trip please communicate that asap so we can make the spot available for another customer.Our resources page has links to information that we use to review weather conditions and sea state prior to our trips.


We will take photos during your trip and provide those as a courtesy within a few days. In addition to the fishing we often encounter some great wildlife viewing on the water from sea birds to marine mammals (whales, porpoises, seals, etc.)