$225pp per hunt - Coastal Gunning for trophy Atlantic Black Ducks, Canada geese and a mix of other species.
Megabite Trip Options Morning/Evening - 4 Hrs $550.00 USD Full Day - 8 hrs $900.00 USD
U.S. MILITARY DISCOUNTS - MFC  recognizes and appreciates  sacrifices made by enlisted and veterans of the U.S. Military and will apply a 15% discount to balances due upon departure with a valid military id or proof of service. Thank you for all that you do!

         New England Fly & Light Tackle SportFishing

Customized Trips

All Trips with the exception of open boats are private charters and are customized for the client. I do a wide variety of fishing for people of all skill levels from expert light tackle guys to beginners to kids. We will have a conversation prior to fishing to identify what you want to target or hope to accomplish. 

Open Boat Trips

Open Boat trips are setup for the single angler who might not be able to pay for a full private charter fare and may share the boat with other fishermen. We will try to fill the boat with 4 fishermen on these trips. Reach out to me directly for info/availability.


$100 Deposit fee is required to book your trip

- Please respect our 5 day cancellation policy.

- Balances are due upon departure

- We appreciate cash, paypal, or venmo processing

- If a customer cancellation is made within 5 days of the scheduled trip the deposit is non-refundable.

- The Captain has the right to cancel and reschedule due to weather at any time.

- A %15 gratuity is typical and appreciated

** If a Giant bluefin (over 73 inches) is Caught the charter becomes free for the clients.  Commercially salable fish are the property of Megabite Fishing Charters. Any fish under 73 inches in length clients will take home for personal use.


All Trips are for 4 passengers, additional passengers @$50 each. Max of 6 on any trip.

Private Charters(Inshore)

1/2 Day (morning or evening) -  4 Hours $550

3/4 Day - 6 Hours $750

Full Day - 8 Hours $900

"Near OffShore" Trips  8-12 hrs

(rates on request) Custom cod, haddock, tuna, & shark fishing